Here's how men like you are learning the secrets of dating younger women...and it's got nothing to do with money or even looks!

The World's Top Dating Experts Agree On One Thing: These Are The Tools That Give You The 'Unfair Advantage' When You Want To Attract & Date Younger Women.

If you're ready to be supremely confident with younger women, and enjoy the Alpha Male sex life that most guys your age can only dream about, this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...

From: Dean Cortez

When's the last time you saw a gorgeous younger woman you would have loved to get to know...but you held back and didn't try anything, because you weren't sure what to say, or how to create a connection?

You figured you wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell with a girl like that, who probably has all kinds of guys chasing after her...

So tell me honestly.

When you see a super-attractive younger woman, do these thoughts ever run through your head?

"I want to talk to her, but I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to seem like some 'creepy guy' who's trying to hit on her..."

"There's no point trying to talk to her. A girl that hot is only going to be interested in rich dudes, or 'bad boys' her own age..."

"She wouldn't be into an 'older man' like me. She'll think that I'm boring...and besides, we wouldn't have anything in common..."

I Used To Let The Same Thoughts Prevent Me From Dating Hot Younger Women. But Then I Learned One EXPLOSIVE Secret...

Before I reveal this secret, I want to be honest with you.

After my ex-girlfriend broke up with me...the girl I'd been with for four years... I was struggling on the dating scene for a long time.

I was meeting women my age, usually through internet dating sites. But the dates felt like "job interviews"... they were trying to land a husband who had all the right "qualifications."

These women had all kinds of "requirements" before they would date a guy...but what made them so special? Usually they were divorced, had kids already, and had all kinds of negative beliefs about men...

I wasn't interested in settling down with a woman out of loneliness or desperation.

I didn't want to date mediocre women, with ordinary looks and lousy attitudes.

I wanted to get a "10" -- a beautiful, sexy, exciting younger girlfriend.

And I decided that instead of feeling depressed about being single, this would be my golden opportunity to have the dating life -- and sex life -- that every guy dreams about.

I knew I could figure out the "younger women" game. After all, I wrote the famous seduction book Mack Tactics...the international smash-hit best seller that has shown more than 57,000 guys around the world how to turbo-charge their self-confidence and "game" with women.

To write that book, I spent more than three years hanging out with the world's best pickup artists and dating experts...studying their methods, observing their techniques, and soaking up their philosophies...

So when I decided to fix my own dating life and focus on meeting younger women, I reached out to the best experts in the world.

I reached out to all of the most famous (and infamous) pickup artists and dating coaches...and I grilled them for hours and hours...getting them to reveal their most closely-guarded and powerful tactics for succeeding with younger women -- from the opening approach and first conversation, all the way to the bedroom...

And then, how to manage your relationship with a younger woman so that you are the "Alpha Male" she needs and will never want to leave.

I Convinced The World's Top 'Players' To Reveal Their Most Powerful Strategies & Techniques...

Here's the truth: when it comes to seducing younger women, the game changes quite a bit. Once most guys get into their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, they begin to feel that beautiful younger women are no longer a realistic option for them.

They think dating and sleeping with hot younger babes (or having an amazing younger girlfriend) is only a fantasy and NOT a real possibility.

But this simply is not true -- once you learn how younger women are truly "hard-wired" and the qualities that attract them to older guys.

It's got nothing to do with your financial status.

I'm talking about qualities you possess right now that younger women are literally programmed to crave...

I'm about to pull back the curtain and reveal the truth about younger women -- and their "attraction triggers," which YOU can learn how to stimulate. This information is going to give you endless new sexual and romantic possibilities.

The Secrets of Dating Younger Women Have Finally Been Exposed...

Look, the truth is that women actually prefer older, experienced men.

I'm not making this up! This desire is hard-wired into the female brain, and in many countries, older men-younger women relationships are perfectly normal.

The problem is, 95% of guys DON'T know how to take action and "break the ice" with younger women... and they fail to understand the core qualities they must project in order to make younger women feel powerful, irresistible sexual attraction.

There are lots of books & programs out there that claim to teach you how to pick up women. But until now, there hasn't been any effective, practical information on how men can use their experience and maturity to meet, attract and seduce younger women.

I decided that if I was going to create a program on Dating Younger Women, I was going to absolutely pull out all the stops and make this the final word on this subject -- the only resource a guy like yourself will ever need if you're interested in crushing the "age gap" and being with sexy younger women.

And so, I spent the last fourteen months lining up exclusive one-on-one interviews with the top experts in the dating and seduction industries.

And now, here is the result:

dating younger women

"Secrets Of Dating Younger Women" begins with a 250-page book that is crammed full of tips, tactics & techniques from the world's foremost dating and seduction experts.

We interviewed the 'top guns' in the industry who charge thousands of dollars for their sold-out seminars... and we convinced them to give up their most powerful secrets.

Not only did these famous gurus explain their most closely guarded secrets of Inner Game... how to develop bulletproof confidence and reprogram yourself for unstoppable success... they also revealed their own proven methods for approaching & flirting with younger women, conversation & escalation tactics, seduction methods, and the keys to building a loving, long-term relationship with a younger woman -- if that is your goal.

(It's up to you whether you want to "play the field" and bang a different young stunner every night of the week, or you want to find your "dream girl" for a serious relationship. We just ask that you use this information responsibly, as it's extremely powerful.)

older man dating younger womenThe experts in this program include Zan Perrion, the legendary dating guru who inspired Neil Strauss, author of the sensational best-seller "The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists." Neil Strauss called him "the undisputed heavyweight of the genre!" The pickup artist Mystery (star of the VH1 show The Pickup Artist) has proclaimed, "I want to be like Zan!"

younger womanWe've also got two exclusive video modules featuring "Sinn," considered by his legions of students to be the world's most knowledgeable pickup artist -- and a master of accelerated seduction. Armed with these tactics, you'll never again get stuck in the "Friend Zone" with women, and you'll always know how to escalate to the next level with her.

younger womanWe sat down with Brent Smith, mentor to David DeAngelo, creator of the massively successful "Double Your Dating" program. He revealed how to create a super-social lifestyle that will make you a magnet for beautiful women...

date younger womanWe managed to arrange a highly inspiring, game-changing interview with Sean Stephenson, the famous motivational speaker with physical disabilities who has worked closely with former president Bill Clinton and shared the stage Anthony Robbins. Sean inspired them both with his approach towards achieving everything you want in life, against all odds.

flirt younger womanWe've also got Savoy, former president of the Mystery Method Corporation, which launched superstar Mystery. Now, Savoy runs Love Systems, Inc., and conducts sold-out seminars around the world. His insights on attracting beautiful younger women will have you heading out tomorrow night, armed with new skills and a new attitude!

younger womanWe even had Carlos Xuma sit down for a full one-hour interview on the subject of dating younger women. Carlos is the author of many best-selling books for men, which show how to unlock the Alpha Male inside of you and use your full masculine potential to attract more women.

pick up on girlsAnd proving that age is never a challenge when you've got the right Alpha Male attitude, we were even able to arrange a one-on-one sit-down with R Don Steele. At nearly 70 years old, he's still banging hot women who are less than half his age!

If you're familiar with the world of pickup artists and the seduction community, the All-Star "Dream Team" we assembled is going to astound you... and it's downright incredible that we're able to offer their exclusive secrets on dating younger women, plus our huge "Secrets Of Dating Younger Women" manual, at such a low price.

(By the way, we even scored a full one-hour interview with Mehow, the wingman to celebrity pickup artist Mystery and now the CEO of one of the top coaching companies in the world ...)

We've also got self-help guru David Wygant... Steve "The Dean" Williams... Scot McKay, creator of the blockbuster self-help programs "The "Leading Man" and "The Master Plan"...and the notorious Dave M., whose Insider Internet Dating program has shown thousands of guys how to rack up dates online.

These authors, gurus, self-help experts and pickup artists have literally coached guys around the world on how to DESTROY their "approach anxiety," control every interaction with a female, and date the hot women that we all want and deserve.


3 Quick Rules For Approaching Younger Women

Never ask permission to talk to her. Leading off with "Excuse me, can I ask you something" or "Pardon me, may I know your name..." immediately puts her on high alert because she senses that you're just another insecure, needy guy who is hoping to be granted some of her time.

On page 52 you'll learn how to kick-start every conversation with massive, playful confidence and then maintain a strong "Alpha" mindset at all times. This means no matter what challenge comes up, you'll always have a smooth tactical response...

By using a few clever, strategic techniques, within minutes she'll be trying to impress you and demonstrate that she's cool enough to earn a spot on "your team"...but you're not going to make it easy on her! You'll position yourself as the "prize" that she'll want to compete for and win...while you push a sequence of "emotional buttons" that result in her feeling undeniable sexual attraction.

Assume rapport. When two people have "rapport" it means they're at ease with each other and have things in common. One thing you'll notice about guys who are amazing with women: when they meet girls, they talk to them as if they've known them forever.

Joking around with them, teasing, giving the girl a funny "nickname," making light body contact...on page 56 you're going to learn tactics for creating instant rapport (which you must do as part of laying the proper groundwork. Sexual attraction will not occur unless rapport is established).

On the other hand, have you ever noticed how most guys, when they meet women, act stiff and "formal" and start asking her a bunch of boring questions? ("So what's your name?" "Where are you from?" "Have you been to this bar before?" Etc...) You'll be the opposite of those tongue-tied chumps when you put your tactics to work.

Enter into every conversation with a game plan. In the "Conversation Control" section of this program you're going to master a whole arsenal of conversational techniques including Hypotheticals, Advanced Cold Reads, Minimal Encouragers, Creative Phrasing, Articulate Avoidance, and many others.

From now on, you will have a game plan and a closing strategy every time you start a conversation with a girl -- whether it's at a supermarket, the gym, or a nightclub on Saturday night.


"Learn The Skills From Famous Experts Who've Helped Millions Of Men Take Their Sex Lives To A 'Rock Star' Level..."

These are the top minds in the business, and we positively hammered them with questions to discover the most effective methods for meeting, picking up, and dating the young hotties that your buddies would drool over ...

Right now, this type of lifestyle may sound to you like a fantasy.

But now it's time to shatter the myths and the "limiting beliefs" that have been holding you back, and reveal the tactics, techniques and approaches that will make dating younger women feel fun, natural and easy.

Moments from now, you will find out...

older man younger womanThe simple, incredibly clever line that Zan Perrion (who's in his forties) uses to eliminate the "age gap" and make a younger woman feel instant curiosity and attraction towards him. (This technique is friggin' dead-on brilliant. I used it the other night at a bar -- twice! -- and got a phone number from the first girl, and took the second girl home!)

older man younger womenThe ten indispensable techniques for neutralizing your doubts about flirting with younger women... and making them feel interested and attracted on a deep, subconscious level.

younger women dating siteThe powerful advantages you possess as an older guy (but didn't even realize!), and how to use them to pick up younger women you would have never had the balls to approach before.

how to pick up younger womanThe number one thing you need to do in order to impress her as a fun, fascinating, charming "man of the world"... but with a mischievous and cocky "edge" that gets her sexually curious and aroused.

dating younger womenThe key power principle for re-programming your attitude so that you attract more younger women into your life, without ever having to "chase" them.

older men younger womenThe secret technique used by the world's top pickup artists for becoming playful and super-confident around younger women... and the exact questions you need to ask in order to make her feel a connection with you.

date younger womanA wickedly effective strategy for meeting women online... which makes them immediately notice you and feel eager to meet you "offline" as soon as possible.

younger girlfriendHow to control the flow of the conversation, turn the tables, and "tease" a younger woman. You'll make HER want to impress YOU, instead of the other way around -- which is where 90% of men mess up their chances. (We talked to famous dating coach Carlos Xuma for a full hour on this topic -- and you'll download the complete interview!)

young girlfriendThe RIGHT way to ask her out and take her on a first date. The tactics our experts give are going to really surprise you. Forget about spending lots of money and trying to impress her ... we'll show you why that approach BACKFIRES! You're going to learn perfect first date locations which will get her in a playful, spontaneous mood, make her view you as a fun, unpredictable guy, and get you the results you want with a younger woman, instead of going home alone.

seduce younger womanMind-blowing sexual techniques when it's time for the bedroom (and once you're armed with this info, trust me ... that's where it will end up!) We tracked down Nico Simon Princely, one of the top sex gurus in the world and an expert on sexual technique and performance, to learn how to rock her world, keep her coming back for more, and keep you sexually powerful no matter your age. You'll learn tricks for giving her earth-shattering orgasms that NO guy her own age could ever deliver!

date a younger womanHow to stay in control of your relationships when you are dating younger women. After learning this massive arsenal of techniques, I have no doubt that you'll be meeting and dating some sexy younger woman in a short period of time -- but the game does not end there! You've got to know how to maintain her attraction to you and make her view you as the PRIZE she never wants to let go of!

And that's only the beginning. "Secrets Of Dating Younger Women" comes with more than TEN audio interviews with the world's top seduction experts and pickup artists...uncensored, uncut and PACKED with killer information & techniques!

get younger girlfriend

In these no-holds-barred, uncensored coaching sessions, our A-Team of experts hold nothing back as they explain exactly how to elevate your game and start sleeping with the fun smart, sexy, younger women that every man covets.

And that's not all you will receive. If you order now, we're going to give you FIVE bonuses (value: $179) absolutely free.

date a younger womanBONUS # 1

"Attract Younger Women NOW!" by Amy Waterman & Dean Cortez. In this audio coaching session, dating coach Amy Waterman sits down with Dean Cortez to discuss the challenges faced by guys who want to expand their social lives and date beautiful younger women. Then, they explain how you can easily overcome these challenges by "flipping the script" and using your age, maturity and experience as powerfully attractive qualities.

attract younger womenBONUS # 2

"Secrets Of Seducing Younger Women." In this one-hour instructional video, Dean Cortez answers questions from guys who want to build their "dream lifestyle" -- a life that includes dating a variety of gorgeous, intelligent, fun younger women. Some of the questions that Dean addresses -- and the solutions he gives -- will surprise you! But once you try out these techniques for yourself, you'll see that they work in virtually all situations...whether you're trying to turn a "friend" into a "girlfriend," or flirting with women when you go out.

younger dating BONUS # 3

"Great Lover 101" by Nico Simon Princely, one of the world's leading experts on sexual power and performance. Chapters include "What Women Wish You Knew"..."Inside the Mindset of a Great Lover"..."The Ten Great Lover on how to turbo-charge your sexual performance through the use of exercises and herbal supplements...and techniques for giving women mind-blowing orgasms every time. This information is designed to give you amazing stamina and rock-solid sexual technique -- at any age!

younger girlfriendBONUS # 4

"The Art of Attraction" by Carlos Xuma. In this indispensable book, one of the top dating coaches in the world covers a wide range of topics on how to attract and date younger women. You'll learn how to generate instant attraction with the younger women you to eliminate to date multiple younger women and manage your relationships, while staying in control of your emotions...specific tactics for meeting younger women in bars and nightclubs...and finally, how to steer it towards a successful seduction.

younger womenBONUS # 5

"Flirt Mastery: Secrets of HYPNOTIC Attraction" by Steve Scott. Have you ever gotten stuck in the "friend zone" with a girl? Have you ever wanted to take things to a sexual level with a woman, but you weren't sure how to proceed? This powerful 90-page book on Flirt Mastery reveals how to use Hypnotic Attraction to turbo-charge your conversations with women and spark "instant chemistry."

Date Younger Women And Enjoy The 'Alpha Male Lifestyle' That Other Men Envy...

How much would it be worth to you, to be able to gain these expert skills, an unstoppable new attitude, and a range of proven techniques that will make beautiful young women shower you with attention...instead of just doing things the same old way, and getting the same old frustrating results?

Imagine feeling massively confident when you see a drop-dead gorgeous girl you want to talk to.

It could be in the supermarket, at the mall, the gym, your local coffee shop, or the bars and nightclubs...

The situation does not matter.

You will know exactly how to flirt with her, playfully "tease" her, and build a connection that leads to the RESULT that you want.

You are about to unleash the "new and improved you," and younger women are going to find your style, confidence, charm and conversational skills irresistible ...

In fact, we're so confident you're going to love this program that right now we're offering a 60-day, iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee.

attract younger women

If At Any Time Over The Next 60 Days, You Decide This Program Is NOT Getting You Results, We'll Refund Your Money Immediately. PERIOD.

No hassles, no hard feelings, no questions asked. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we don't want your money. It's that simple.

But judging from the rave reviews we've been getting from customers, I think you're going to thank us for putting together this program.

Dating Younger Women includes an incredible e-book (almost 250 pages) as well as over TWELVE HOURS of exclusive, hard-hitting audio interviews with the top gurus and experts in the game.

(Listen to these interviews on your computer, on your iPod, in your car, at the gym ... wherever you can spend some time soaking up this information.)

So how much will you need to invest, to take your dating life to this huge next level? If you're ready to take action now, you'll get the entire Dating Younger Women program, including the book, the whole collection of audio interviews, PLUS five bonus products... for only $197 $99 $77.

Click Here To Download This Entire Program Immediately, Including All The Bonuses, and Test-Drive It For 60 Days Totally Risk-Free.

I've been coaching guys in Mack Tactics for many years, and I often get asked, "There are so many different programs and books out there. How can I know which one is worth my time and money?"

We've solved that question by assembling more than 20 of the most respected experts. Seriously, this information, if you were to buy it all directly from them, would end up costing you thousands of dollars.

With this high-powered package you're going to get a mind-blowing amount of information... our massive book on Younger Dating Tactics and lifestyle transformation... plus more than twelve hours of audio coaching, PLUS five bonuses! And remember, if you're not completely satisfied with this material for any reason, we'll refund your purchase -- no questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings.

You don't have to wait for a package in the mail. You won't pay shipping costs. No scratched-up CD's or DVD's that won't play on your machine. We've set it up so that you can download this entire program right now.

PRIVACY NOTICE: This purchase will appear on your credit card statement as "CLI*KBANK.COM." is one of the most trusted payment processors on the Internet. Your personal information will be completely private and protected.

meet younger women

A Program That Guarantees Results! If You Don't Get Laid, We Don't Get Paid. It's That Simple.

This just came in... another email from a VERY satisfied customer ;)

"I Might F*** Myself To Death After Learning This Stuff!"

This program is beyond awesome! This really is far superior to any dating product I've ever purchased. I got results immediately. I'm an average looking guy, in OK shape for my age, and this material shows you where to focus and explicitly what to do and say and how. A Godsend!

I did exactly what I read in the first manual, and when I was at the spa the other day I used some of these techniques on my sexy masseuse (she's in her early 20s.) Then I used them again at the tanning salon to meet another young beauty, and then AGAIN at a coffee shop to get MORE phone numbers -- all in the same day!

I especially loved the techniques that Zan Perrion explained. They make it so simple to make connections with women, and get them smiling, flirting, and enjoying your company. I am more than impressed with this material.

Many thanks Dean. I'm so excited. I might **** myself to death after learning this stuff!

- John S., California

As soon as you make your secure purchase, you will be directed to a webpage where you can download the book, the interviews, videos, and all of your bonuses immediately. No waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. No additional shipping costs. You'll have this complete system on your computer just moments from now...

So right now, you've got a very important choice to make.

If you've come this far down the page, I know you're serious about taking action and HANDLING your dating life.

And this is the clear line that separates winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and talkers.

Anyone can say they want to get an amazing girlfriend.

Anyone can dream of dating beautiful women.

But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not just talk about doing something.

You owe it to yourself to try this material out and see if it doesn't give you MASSIVE RESULTS.

Right now, you can elect to grab the keys within your reach, or continue living your life as usual.

I think the choice is clear...

pick up younger women

I look forward to hearing YOUR success story soon ;)

Your Wingman,

date younger women

P.S. I made sure this program would be affordable to any guy who is serious about learning these secrets. If you've been spending money on dates, or going out and trying to socialize, and NOT closing the deal, this program will save you a fortune in the long run -- and if it doesn't, just contact us for a full refund! (But I have a feeling you're going to join the thousands of guys who've thanked me for showing them the true path to getting the women they want ...)

P.P.S. Why keep hoping and praying the right girl will magically "come along?" 24 hours from now, you can have the confidence, skills and actual techniques & routines to meet hot younger women and select the ones you want!

Click Here To Learn The Secrets Now.

older man dating younger

Read What OTHERS Have To Say About This Breakthrough Program...

**(Customer Initials Used For Privacy Reasons)**

"I'm dating 2 girls at once, both are 28, great to hang out with and I can't decide on which one I want!"

"Hi guys,

I'm 39 this year, went through a bitter divorce with my ex and have been finding it difficult to get back in the dating scene ever since...

I've been trying my luck with the younger girls but I can't seem to be getting through to them. After going through your program, I noticed the "red flags" and that I was using the wrong approach trying to use power and influence to impress them.

But I've been using your power phrases, p-qualifiers, DC techniques, etc and reworked my entire approach ever since and things are going great! I'm dating 2 girls at once, both are 28, great to hang out with and I can't decide on which one I want!

Thanks for the awesome guidance!!

~~ DP
New York City

"I'm now a believer for life... and I finally got Melinda!"

"I really appreciated your detailed replies to my questions.. I never expected such a personal coaching, I'm convinced that you guys are genuine in helping me unlike the rest of the other gurus, after buying their products, they totally ignored my emails when I really needed advice and help!

I'm now a believer for life... and I finally got Melinda!! Thanks a million guys I wish you all the best I owe everything to the both of you."

~~ Jeremy F

"I'm now seeing this wonderful woman who is in her late 30s and we are really hitting it off!"

"I lost my wife 3 years ago and life lost it's meaning ever since...I thought I would never find love again after all I was already 49 and the thought of meeting women at my age freaked me to death!!

One day I came across your website and I thought to myself "Why not give your book a try", it sounded interesting.. you know, to be able to date women younger than me.. I had nothing to lose, it was worth giving a shot.

I followed everything, step by step just like what was taught, where to meet younger women, how to dress, act, talk, EVERYTHING.

For 2 weeks I followed religiously, and what honestly I was surprised.. I actually had a social life! I started meeting really wonderful women in their 20s, 30s, 40s..

I know this mail is getting a little too long but what I'm trying to say is that I'm now seeing this wonderful woman who is in her late 30s and we are really hitting it off!

I'm not sure what will happen next but whatever happens I want to sincerely thank you for showing me that it is never to late for anything!! I've re-discovered the joys of dating and having a social life again because of your program."

~~ Drake M, Manchester City

"I'm now not only having an active social life, I'm currently sleeping with a 24 year old hottie"...

"Damn! I wished I could've gotten your stuff earlier.. just thinking of what might have been if I've used your techniques years ago.. I would be living every guy's dream!

I'm 35 this year, ever since my last break up with my ex 8 months before, it really screwed me up bad and I never really recovered from it til I bought your program.

It helped set things straight and helped me get back on my two feet again. Following your lead and absorbing whatever I could from your book, I'm now not only having an active social life, I'm currently sleeping with a 24 year old hottie lol! "

~~ Will W, NC

"This is clearly the final word on succeeding with younger women."

"Loved your book, especially Brent and Dr Paul's teachings... they were simple yet applicable at the same time! At first I thought your claims were just mumbo jumbo as with the rest out there, but after going through everything.. This is clearly the final word on succeeding with younger women."

~~ Phil L, Dallas

"I'm LOVING every second of it because not only is the sex FANTASTIC (she's an animal in bed!), it's EVERYTHING about her that I can't seem to get enough of..."

"Hi guys,

There's this girl in my office I had my sights on since I joined my new company 11 months ago. She's a hot one, with a bubbly, lovable personality and I really like her -- but she's only 25. It wasn't surprising that she had other guys (closer to her own age) gunning for her...

I'm 42 and it felt weird for me just thinking of getting "together" with her... I thought she would dismiss me for being "too old" but I went ahead and tried anyway.

At first, there was always that "distance" between us, I kept asking her out, she kept rejecting and avoiding me, insisting we keep it "strictly professional." Due to my persistence, she finally gave in and we went out a couple of times.

Still, I could sense her uneasiness whenever we were out. One day, she told me it wasn't working out and it was best we stayed as good friends.

It was only when I read your book that I discovered where I'd gone wrong. It was hard to swallow, knowing fully well that the the problem wasn't her, it was ME all along. I was the one to lead to her think of me that way.

I was playing it too safe, I was afraid of going the extra mile, fearing I might lose her as a friend.

I was shooting blindly, going all over the place without a definite plan of action. I finished your materials, reworked my inner game and went at it again.

And bam! She's now my girlfriend, we've been an item for close to 3 months now and life has never been better!

I'm LOVING every second of it because not only is the sex FANTASTIC (she's an animal in bed!), it's EVERYTHING about her that I can't seem to get enough of.. And to think I was at the verge of forgetting it all together.


~~ Steve W, Adelaide

"I don't have to worry about the sex because it just finds itself happening naturally and when it's supposed to..."


I totally agree with your methods & mindset for attracting younger women. After my long-term relationship ended I really had to rebuild myself. Your program was such a big help. Now, I'm very social and meet new, younger women all the time... and therefore; date lots of women... often like three at a time, but I'm totally straight up and don't sleep around, and when I get more physical with one of them, that will be the only one I am physical with... so nobody gets upset... and the others are still there for possibilities in the future. Part of the reason I'm able to do all this is because you showed me how to have the "confident and playful" vibe that younger women love. I'm doing it the right way and, so, therefore; they trust me and are comfortable in my presence.

Whenever I meet a beautiful woman, I know that at the very least we'll probably have a fun conversation and I'll get her number, and maybe meet others through her - I no longer even worry about getting sex because it just finds itself happening naturally, and when it's supposed to. I don't have to push it...

Everything you say about 'Closing the Deal with Younger Women' is right on the mark!

~~ JW

pick up younger women